Travelling light show
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Travelling light show aims to brighten Downtown Boston BID

The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District has introduced a moving art show that will light up the area with “rainbow like colors.”

According to an article in the Boston Daily, the Light Rover – a human-propelled art show, will travel around Downtown Boston.

Rosemarie Sansone, president of the Downtown Boston BID, told Boston Magazine that the Light Rover is a traveling exhibit connected to their “Pause” public art program. The program has also introduced murals and other of outdoor entertainment to the area.

Artist Ross Miller’s designed and built the four-wheeled travelling light show.

Travelling light show

Miller told the Daily: “There’s some wonderful architectural details there and I always thought, ‘how wonderful would it be to spotlight those and the steam grates as an atmospheric event?’”

The Light Rover is a great example of BIDs bringing new life to an area through, art, light and a sense of WOW. For other projects with similar energy, click here.

Visit Boston Magazine to read the entire great story.

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