About Business Improvement District Hub

There are thousands of Business Improvement Districts around the world. They have names like Business Improvement Areas, Business Revitalization Zones, and Main Street programs. Each one brings a different sense of energy and enthusiasm to the problems faced by our Main Streets.

Through an open and true dialogue, we can all learn from each other and bring our communities to new levels. The challenges seem endless, but there is also a tremendous energy and enthusiasm that all of us can draw on.

Darryl Kaplan started Business Improvement District Hub as a global portal to learn and share the wonderful work and progress taking place around the world.

About Darryl Kaplan

Darryl Kaplan is a public speaker, author and advocate who believes that the BIG IDEA will save Main Street and create a new revolution in local living. An entrepreneur with a passion for small business and retail, Kaplan founded the Baby Point Gates Business Improvement Area in Toronto, and currently sits as its Chair. He was elected to the Executive Committee of the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas - an organization that represents 81 BIAs and 35,000 small businesses. A multiple award winner in communications, magazine writing and editing, Kaplan has had hundreds of columns and editorials published nationally.

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